Anneau de dentition Sophie la girafe

Ref. SLG-010318

Le premier anneau de dentition double fabriqué en caoutchouc 100% naturel !

Chaque anneau possède des textures différentes, permettant ainsi à bébé de choisir celle qui soulage le mieux ses petites gencives douloureuses.

Léger et ergonomique, il est facile à saisir et à manipuler par les petites mains.


The first double teething ring made of 100% natural rubber!

Great for releiving pain from teething with a natural made teething ring.

Each ring has different textured surfaces for baby to choose from according to their age and needs, provides give even faster relief for sore gums.

Perfect for baby’s small hands to hold onto.

This teether has 2 variations - the "very soft" and the "soft" - intended for different stages of teething. The soft is solid, unlike the very soft, which is hollow.